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Software Engineer | Enigma Securities

• Involvement in the entire development process of the company's main products, from the early stages of characterization to development and maintenance.

• Developing the execution service the “engine” of the company trading system working against 3 rd party APIs and storing the data.

• Converting the existing Nodejs monolithic system to a microservices architecture. • Collaborate with a frontend team to design and implement REST APIs.

• A partner in the decision-making process with the senior management.

• Technological stack: NodeJS, Express, MySQL, Prisma, RabbitMQ, React, AWS EC2, WS, Jest.


Full Stack Developer | Webtech Innovation

• End to end development of systems including backend and frontend, working in Agile methodology.

• Developing the admin control panel where you can manage users, make different actions, see statistics, etc.• Technological stack: Java, JS, AngularJS, SQL, HTML, CSS, WebSphere. 

Software Engineer Intern |

Cambium Applicable Innovation

• Worked actively on features for real client problems.

• Technologies used: React, Nodejs, SQL and Git.

Warrior & Fitness instructor | Israel Defense Force

B.Sc Computer Science Sapir Academic College

• Academic Excellence, GPA – 93.

• A perfect score on ”Web development course”.

English (fluent), Hebrew (native).

Yuval Atia

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